Monday, August 2, 2010

{Not} Back to School Blog HOP ~My Curriculum Picks~


Not Back to School Blog Hop


Curriculum. Sigh. Honestly I never thought that THIS would be the hardest part about homeschooling. I have spent HOURS browsing and researching to make sure that I have picked what is the best for my children. And then I read someone say they didn’t like it because ______________. EEEK!

Alright, I took a chill pill and got myself a Diet Coke. All’s good. And I’m feeling more confident and less likely to believe every curriculum success or failure story out there. I’m now basing it on if my children are challenged by the curriculum and retaining what they learn. 

We are in a very weird situation too. We had some circumstances that caused us to have to change curriculum mid-year last year.  So I started a number of things in January. Some subjects we are starting fresh with something. Other things, I decided would be worthwhile to finish up and then move on.


So these are what I went with. I know the suspense has been killing you! LOL

5th grade:
Finish TT7 and maybe move on to Saxon 78?
CLE Reading 5 & Language Arts 5
E=MCQ Earth Science (finish from last year)
Story of World 1 (finish from last year)
Power Glide German
Writing Strands 3 (I had to assure her this wasn’t 3rd grade)
Misc. Geography and Civics from some books I picked up along the way
Sunlight & Library Reading lists
Art class at school

2nd grade:
CLE Math 2, LA 2, Reading 2
Real Science Odyssey, Life Science
Story of the World 1
Power Glide German
A lot of reading!
Geography from a book I picked up
Art class at school

Learning Language Arts Through Literature
Explode the Code (Get Ready, Get Set, Go for the Code)
Starfall for fun
Bob Jones Math
Tagging along for Science with older brother
Tagging along for History mostly doing the coloring pages


  1. Looks like you plan to read a lot with the kids. That is my favorite part of homeschooling hands down. I love sharing a good book with them. I hope you have a great year learning with your kids.

  2. Oh- I completely understand the frustration of searching for the perfect curriculum! Sound like you have a good plan in place!
    (found you through the blog hop)
    Have a great day!