Monday, April 13, 2009

Some layouts and just about my day….

Juno who is a designer at Elemental Scraps asked me to join her creative team! I’m very honored because I didn’t apply for a call, she just asked! Look at this pretty kit:


and this is what I did with it:


I used a template from Connie Prince.  I really like her templates for my 8x8 pages.  They really feature the photos! (I print in 8x8 so white space layouts can make the pictures appear really small.)

I’ve been scrapping again. Feels nice to have so many layouts done! Some are older layouts that I haven’t posted on this blog.

It’s Dollar Day at ES! I picked up these items because I NEVER have enough digi stash. LOL!!!

image image

And I purchased some stuff from Sweet Shoppe on Saturday.  They had a clearance and new releases that I couldn’t resist!

I went to physical therapy again today. I see two therapists.  One who is helping with strength training and then another who does adjustments. But they aren’t like pop-your-back adjustments.  It feels more like I’m being twisted into a pretzel! It is making me feel better so it is worth the pain during the pretzel twist.

And later this afternoon I’m heading out for a yoga class.  I’m hoping it will help strengthen my hip and my back.  I hate classes though because I feel so uncoordinated. And my range of motion is currently limited until I get stronger.  I’ll just stay in the back of the class. LOL!

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I post again! I want to post the picture of the Easter Eggs my kiddos made yesterday. They are soooo cute. And we’re going to be eating egg salad and deviled eggs all week. ;)

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