Thursday, May 9, 2013

Revamp my life bootcamp!!! Day Zero

It's been awhile.

Life. Is. Good.

I really can't complain. But something is always just a little bit wonky. The dishes are never fully finished or that laundry pile is just a little too high. I'm just a little bit overweight. (Now. I actually use to be a lot.) A history or science lesson isn't all the way finished. There's one too piles of papers or dishelved closet that I hope nobody open. Some days I hope that I don't have an unexpected visitor! Disorganization haunts me around every corner.  And as that builds up, I get more and more overwhelmed and find myself in a place that I'm frozen. Even a baby step seems useless.

Overall, I can't get it together at the level that I want it together. My desired level is beyond what is realistic. But I know that I'm fed up now and I know that I need to do something different.

But, today I made a decision. I don't want to stay this way. I've been reading Cleaning House and it has inspired me to start my own experiment. It will mostly involve me changing my heart but hopefully that will extend to my own children through example. I'm putting myself through a Revamp My Life boot camp. And it starts tomorrow with the first Revamp. My precious laptop is going to work with my husband. No more getting sucked into hours of pinterest, facebook, reading blogs, shopping online, reading homeschooling forums, reading about cleaning and doing laundry. I'm going to actually do some of this stuff.

Enter this blog. I need a place to record the results of my experiment with unplugging during the day. Track what happens when I make a change as a reminder to not end up back in this same place like I have so many times in the past. And I think that relaying it to the world might just help at holding me accountable (or my readership of two, LOL!) But still. Someday, someone will stumble upon my post and realize that they need to do the same. And hopefully my success and failures will inspire them to jump in as well.

Day One will start where it should. I'm inviting my Heavenly Father into this journey and give the first day to Him. That's right. Part One will be to start revamping my spiritual life. I'll still be working on some of the other stuff, afterall, what else will I do without a computer all day? Yep. All the stuff I haven't been doing.  I still have kids to homeschool and errands to run, too!

So here it goes.  I get the computer back tomorrow evening but I won't even be home until late at night to access it. Do you think I'll get the shakes? ;) Don't answer that!

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