Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another Revamp day!!!

The weekend went well! I'm continuing to stay off the computer, generally until evening. DD is brushing-up on Algebra, so I have to get online to work with her for her online course (aleks, if you are a homeschooler and care. ;))

I spent much of Saturday working on reorganizing the laundry room to get it to functional at minimum. Pleasant to be in might be a stretch since it is in the basement of a house built in 1903. But this blog will not be about trying to make my home look like Better Homes and Garden model homes. Rather, working on being realistic and functional.

Another great thing that happened today was that I had some outside help! She worked on the main level and I worked on cleaning up my bedroom and the boys' bedroom. (The boys' bedroom is a never ending saga. Let's put that to rest, already!) I have had cleaning help in the past and loved it. DH makes fun of me for cleaning for the cleaning lady but I'm honestly not cleaning. I'm picking up and tidying. All the while leaving the dust bunnies behind! An added bonus to having the help is that I'm forced to tidy the house. Afterwards, nobody want to mess it up since it looks so nice. I'm hoping this will allow me to focus on some of the organizing projects that need to be done to make my home function better. I feel a lot more caught-up!

I'm still working on Bible study as well. It's part of my revamp! I just started "A Call to Die". In it, I've been challenged to give something up or change something drastically for 40 days. Good thing I've already started that. Only now, I'm going to wait until sunset to turn on the laptop. This is hard, btw. But it's part of working fixing the inner selfish child in me. I want to serve my family and my heavenly father better!

Anyway, laundry room before and afters coming soon! I wish I would have taken a pic of my vanity today before I cleaned it up. I'm a toiletry/make-up junky!!! But it's all put away now and looks great!

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