Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pictures from 4th of July

I really miss my kids.  It’s been great to have some time off but today I’m ready for them to come home! The house is too quiet.  Fortunately, Allen got to work from home this week so I haven’t been totally alone. And after talking to the kids last night they are having a great time.  Lauren made 96 cookies yesterday with Grandma! That was the highlight of our phone conversation.

Allen and I have been watching season 2 of The Office.  I’m surprised at how many episodes I missed.  And I’m surprised at how many I could have missed and probably been smarter for it. ;) I think some of those episodes cause brain damage?

Speaking of brain damage, we also watched Baby Mama yesterday.  I was kinda surprised that it was an ok movie with a story line. We got a few laughs out of it so it was pretty good.

And tonight I’m going to see The Proposal with some girlfriends. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house! All my friends still had their kids this week so I’ve been just hanging out at home scrapping and watching movies. I did some planning too for homeschooling. We’re still waiting to hear on the virtual instruction program. So I still don’t know if it will be plan A or B. (I try to always have a plan b, LOL!)

Anyway, the week before 4th of July we went to the Lentz’s for dinner and a tie-dye party. We made red, white and blue shirts for the kids to wear on the fourth.  I have one too! And Allen’s looks like someone dumped red and blue paint down the side of his shirt. LOL!  Here’s a picture of the kids in their shirts at Lake Rathbun on the 4th:


The next day we went exploring on some of the paths at Lake Rathbun.  Allen would visit there when he was a kid and had some places that he wanted to show us.  It was absolutely beautiful!  We found this bridge on our walk:

4th_2009 041

Aiden brought his “telescope” (it’s an attachment to his Nerf gun) along and it came in handy for our junior explorer:

4th_2009 050

And overlooking a cliff that drops into Lake Rathbun:

4th_2009 068

4th_2009 045

That was our weekend.  Well, at least until Allen and I left the kids there with Grandma and we headed back home. They got to go swimming and fishing with Papa. I wish I could get some fishing pictures! Maybe next time!

(frames and embellishments from BellaGypsy & Connie Prince’s “The Fourth” digital scrapbook kit.)


  1. I wish I could have a break from my kids, although I would miss them immediatly.

  2. Oh my gosh in that picture of the three of them sitting on the steps Ethan looks so old. You can totally see how he will look when he's a big kid. And the shirts turned out great.

  3. Beautiful pictures and I thought the same thing about Baby Mama