Friday, July 17, 2009

Hagar the Horrible & my Little Swim Dude (digital scrapbook layouts)

Here’s a couple layouts:



That’s my little guy, E. (yes, we call him “E”. In fact he will correct us if we call him by his proper name. The little stinker.)  The picture of him in the swim suit is from last summer. He was so funny walking around in that thing. He looked like a little muscle-man.

And in the second layout he’s playing with Hagar. Hagar was Allen’s when he was little. (and for some reason that Allen was a little boy is a fascinating subject for E. “Daddy when you were a wittle boy did they have …? Where was I?)  Anyway, Allen’s mom is very crafty and sewed him together. E wanted to be Hagar so he stole his clothes and little sword. Now we just need a Viking helmet! :)

My week’s been a little so-so. The kids came home and things became busy again. Swimming, cleaning house, laundry, more swimming, more laundry, grocery shopping, and all that fun stuff.  I’m glad they’re back. And we finally got the homeschooling stuff settled and know the direction we are headed in. The kids are doing the Virtual Instruction Program this fall. 

So now we’re just laying low because we have a vacation coming up. I’m starting to make plans and lists and all that stuff that I do before we leave on the trip. All the stuff that gets put off gets done right before vacation, right?

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  1. oh yeah!! Planning planning planning. LOVE that Hagar the horrible LO!!