Saturday, June 20, 2009

card party last night & a new home for Fred Flintstone (our turtle)

Once a month I get together with a group of friends and we make greeting cards.  We all make the same six cards (with our own variations, of course!).  Nancy comes up with the designs for the cards and cuts all the little pieces out so that all we have to do is stamp and glue.  She’s incredibly talented and creative and every month I come home with six adorable cards!

So here’s what I came home with after a few hours of work, a couple beer-garitas, and some cream puffs! ;)

And in other news, we found a turtle crossing the road a few weeks ago.  Aiden rescued him and Fred has been our new pet since then. He really loves to eat strawberries and cucumbers. But the box he was in was too small.  Allen created this nice box with lots of extra space and a place for him to swim. We have to take out some of the sand because he may climb out of the box.


Here’s a close-up of Fred:


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