Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bird Watching

Last week the kids and I were enjoying a nice breezy day outside.  (BIG contrast to this week with the weather being 95 degrees!) We were reading stories in the front yard and listening to the birds when we noticed that a mama bird was feeding her babies in an old bird house that I have hanging on the front porch.  These poor birdies live in a shack! But they nest there each year and I’m also afraid to take the house down because I don’t want to disturb the babies. My kids loved watching the mama fly in with food and the two babies stick their heads out for more.  She did this about 5 times while we were out there.

I tried to get closer for a better picture. But the mama bird was so protective and would squawk at me from the tree if I got too close. As soon as I stepped back, she would fly in to feed the babies.  Here’s a picture:


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